Building Plans

The proposed plan is to build five new elementary schools. One school will be located on the Monroe Elementary School property and one will reside at the current Baldwin Intermediate School site. In addition to the new Elementary School buildings the plan also includes additions to the current Quincy Senior High School building in order to accommodate the freshman class.

Along with the building plans the proposal will also set forth a restructuring of the current grade distributions. The new elementary schools will house K-5, Quincy Junior High School will house 6-8, and Quincy Senior High will transition to 9-12.

Below is an overview of the proposed plans for each location.

Elementary Schools


Each school will consist of the following:

  • Twenty-four 900 sqft classrooms
  • Dedicated Special Ed Instructional Areas
  • A 5,000 sqft Gymnasium for Physical Education Classes
  • Dedicated Music Instructional Area for General and Instrumental Classes
  • Multi-Purpose Areas to Accommodate Various Instructional Needs for Large and Small Groups
  • Secure Visitor Entrance and Administration Area
  • Separate Parent Drop-off/Pick-up and Bus Loading/Unloading Areas

Baldwin Site



  • Same Classroom and Security Features as Other Elementary Schools
  • Baldwin Auditorium and Music Rooms to Remain
  • Existing Cafeteria to Remain
  • Blue Devil Gym will Remain

QHS Improvements



  • Tweny-seven New Classrooms
  • Twenty Rooms for Freshman
  • Three New Special Education Rooms
  • New Teacher’s Work Room
  • New Locker Rooms and Fitness Rooms Added to Gymnasium