On November 4th, voters within the Quincy Public School District will vote to pass a referendum. The referendum seeks approval for the Quincy School Board to build and equip five new elementary schools, build an addition to Quincy Senior High School, acquire land, and provide technology improvements. The building project will be paid for with an $89 million school bond issue.

Building new schools will not only improve the learning environment for the children within our schools, but will also help show perspective employers that our community values education.  New buildings will allow us to stop investing in old, out-dated, poorly functioning buildings.

The Building for Quincy campaign, which is comprised of community volunteers passionate about education, is focused on educating the voters on the following three main reasons to vote “Yes” on November 4th:

  • Safer schools designed for today’s educational demands.
  • No tax rate increase for Quincy taxpayers.
  • The district will save $11.2 million over 20 years on operational costs.
  • Drive student achievement by establishing fewer transitions with new grade distributions:  K-5, 6-8, 9-12
  • The District will spend $67 million over the next 20 years on mandatory life safety spending on existing buildings without this referendum
  • The district will save $1.5 million in educational expenses per year